Audi's full-size luxury sedan, called the V8, was Audi's most expensive sedan since the 1990 model year, and has always been ever since, even though it was replaced by the Audi A8 in 1996.

Year-to-year changesEdit


The V8 was Audi's first car to combine a Quattro system with an automatic transmission. The car started off with a 3.6-liter 8-cylinder engine and 240 horsepower. The first 889 units went on sale in 1989 as 1990 models.


The V8 was upgraded to now contain a 4.2-liter engine, 276 horsepower, and 4-speed automatic transmission, replacing the old 5-speed manual transmission from 1991. The car later became a carryover model for 1993.


After production ended in November 1993, sales of the Audi V8 continued through this year.


With no 1995 or 1996 models ever made in the United States, the Audi A8 debuted as a 1997 model, replacing the Audi V8. Yet again, it was sold as either a base or Quattro 4-door sedan.

Retail pricesEdit

Model year(s) Drive List price Effective date
1991 AWD $51,500 February 10, 1991
1992 AWD $53,900 March 1992
1993 AWD $56,400 October 14, 1992
1994 AWD $58,700 October 5, 1994
1997 FWD $56,900 October 17, 1996
1997 AWD $64,500 October 17, 1996
1998-1999 FWD $57,400 November 1997
1998-1999 AWD $65,000 November 1997